Magento Integration

Follow these simple steps to connect Ezi Returns with your Magento account

  1. Go to and follow the 7 steps under "Integration tokens”
  2. If all goes well, you should be given 4 different Tokens
  3. Send the following information to
    1. The 'Access Token' you get back from the site above (the other 3 tokens are not needed) 
    2. The URL of your Magento store
    3. The Order Numbers of two completed orders within Magento (we will use these to test the connection only)

Once we have these, we'll setup the integration in your account and run some tests on the orders provided above. If certain data is missing from your account that is required for the integration to function, we will point out what this is to see if it can be added to your system. If everything is picked up, you will be set live and informed.

If you encounter any problems when following these instructions, please send us an email with the details to