eBay Integration

Follow these simple steps to connect Ezi Returns with your eBay account

  1. Request or find your eBay account code (see below if you don't know what this is)
  2. One you have the code then go to https://labels.ezireturns.com/ebay-connect/XXXX where XXXX is replaced with your account code (see below if you're on a different domain than .com)
  3. You will be taken to eBay and asked to give Ezi permission to access your basic order details
  4. Once you have confirmed then you will see a confirmation page
  5. Send the following details to us:
    1. Your eBay username
    2. Two completed order numbers (we will use these for testing the connection)


If you encounter any problems when following these instructions, please send us an email with the details to info@ezireturns.com 


Account Code

If you're unsure of your account code (also called your Account ID or Account Name), you can find this via the following methods:

1. You can sign into your account and look at your username, which should be the same as you Account Name.

2. Another way would be to download one of your invoices as it should be listed on them as well.

If you are unsure of which to try, we recommend trying multiple. If you get it wrong, the only thing that will happen is you get an error page and you can try again.


eBay Domains

By default, this connects to eBay.com. If your eBay site is on another server, you can make sure that you connect to the correct one by adding an additional variable onto the end of the URL which states the eBay domain for your shop.